app is a smartphone application that aim revolutioning banking. You can buy/sell and transfer cryptocurrency or FIAT(US Dollar,Euro,Japanese Yen …).

You can track cryptocurrency market and compare price chart with USD,EURO,Bitcoin. 



This application provides more options. You can use the crypto invest tool made for beginners. You put your investing profile and the money you want to invest.

Afterward they are according to you a trading bot that will help you to make a portfolio. You will then see how your investment is going day by day without having to do anything.



One of the most interesting widget of this app Crypto Earn. It allows you to stake and earn crypto. Their is several options for getting interest per year.

The first one is the flexible. It’s staking amount you can withdraw at any moment. The rest you have to keep it one month or three month. Perfect for person who want to Hold & gain crypto by doing so.  

Without staking MCO and depending on which crypto you’re staking. You can see the earning rate above.

Last options are crypto credit that I’m not recommanding as the interest rate is high. Eventually you have a FIAT wallet to stake your currency as you do with your bank.




MCO is the utility token of this application. It allows you to get the VISA Card (even if their is a free MCO card). Visa is a partner and that’s why it’s, for me, the most interesting banking project right now.

Their is various card options. The first one is free and then you have to stake MCO to get a better card. The advantages of getting a better card, they can be reward or purchase rebates on Spotify,Netflix and so on. You can see all information here

MCO can be useful to get more earning percentage on Crypto Earn with 500 MCO staking (approx. 2000 dollar). You can have discount on credit invest. Normally when you use crypto invest it takes 18% of the profit made. Instead with MCO staking it’s at 9%.

CRO is drop yearly by holding MCO. You can find MCO price charts here.

You can find more information about MCO token right here.




CRO is a blockchain for the exchange plateform created by

The token can be stack as the blockchain work as Proof of Stake.  You can stake it on the exchange for 6 month to get 20% interest per year. You can also get rebate on your trading fee. It works a little bit as Binance coin for comparison. Their is event of 50% off crypto currency called: syndicate. 

The number of CRO you stacked allows you to purchase an amount of this crypto with 50% discount. It has rules but it’s very interesting to make profit without doing anything.

Moreover you can pay e-card/gift card with CRO and get cashbacks. This is the final aim of this product: offering to merchant a way of buying/selling good with low/without fees.

This technology would allow you to pay in all currency or crypto you want everywhere at low fees.

You can find price charts of CRO here.

Eventually, If you are interested in this project you can download the app with this link: