Crypto Treemap


Today we will see how to do our own portfolio with CoinMarketCap   data and visualize it with Power BI.

To do so please create an account in  and get your own API Keys.

Install PowerBI Desktop in Google store or download it here 

CoinMarketCap API KEY
                          CoinMarketCap API KEY

Get CoinMarketCap API

Launch Power BI application –> Import Data from Web.



When you validate you will arrive in the Power Query Editor. First Remove all applied step except Source.



Click On record:

Click on “In table”:

Develop Value and select column in which you are interested in. Develop Value.quote (last column) aswell.

Congratulation you have imported CoinmarketCap Data into Power BI!

Data Visualisation

TreeMap Like Coin360

Choose TreeMap Design

Add some color so you can see quickly if last 24 hours were good for CryptoMarket.

Input your colors as following:

Here is the result!