Basic Attention Token


Brave is a  browser that aim to change the vision of internet and the ads.  The ads are nowadays only seen as annoying. Indeed, they lower user satisfaction of browsing on the internet.

Moreover, 99% of the ads are own by Facebook and Google that can sell them.  Brave wants to distribute this market. It aims to decentralize ads marketing of internet.

Brave solve the problem of data integrity and privacy that other such as google were using to make profit and sell it while the user couldn’t really tell his consent.

Leading by the co-fonder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, this browser has several interesting options:

  • Ad & tracker Blocker integrated
  • Allow ads in exchange of BAT(cryptocurrency)
  • Fast & customizable

It’s a very serious project that is growing fast! It has already more than 10 millions active user. Moreover, you can directly reward the content you’re watching or donate it to creators that accept payment in BAT. This money of Brave named: Basic Attention Token  is what companies pay for to pay the ads.

You can share it as tell above or keep this money. The user receive monthly rewards for watching ads. A brand new world is coming. This technology care more about user and look to improve Ads sector. In this system all participants win and equality is provide:

  • Company target their user and know they are looking at it
  • Websites receive directly their money
  • User get paid or choose to avoid ads

If you want to download it and have a try: