“Incredible & unique experience lived with my friends” – W3C IFPG TEAM


I Learnt

  • Leading Team
  • Promoting Product
  • Team Management
  • Organisation


W3 Community

I played a long time Starcraft II in my teenage years. I did some tournament on this game but something was missing. I was feeling alone. That’s why I started playing League Of Legends with friends. I joined some teams to play tournaments. After few experiences, we decided with in real life friends to create a team. I was leading the team as I was the most experienced player. We joined an association, W3 Community, of gamer we met in a TeamSpeak channel. We had schedule and practice to improve our level together. Our game  and tournaments were sometime streamed. W3 Community payed us to play in Insalan. We had an energy drink partner “So Wow” that we have to promote. It was such a great experience at our young age (17 years old) to have this responsibility. 

We even had a website https://infernal-powning.wixsite.com/infernal-powning (not use since 2015).

We had stopped playing video games as we all went to university. No more time for it. Yet we will stay  with those incredible & unique moment lived!