Oasis DeFi Platform

Oasis DeFi Platform  What is Oasis? Oasis is a platform for decentralized finance launched in November 2019 by MakerDAO. You can use it to exchange token,borrow DAI (stablecoin soft-pegged to the US Dollar) and earn savings.   Secure protocol built on Ethereum Oasis is built on top of audited and formally verified smart contracts created […]


Arduino Basic Speed Radar

Arduino Speed Radar In this period of lock down I had some time left for developing some skills. I decided to take advantage of the situation by doing a project I wanted to do for a while. My final aim is to make a Baseball Radar Sensor that record pitch speed accurately.  Before going any […]


Analyse en Composantes Principales FR

Analyse en Composantes Principales Pour des travaux pour l’ESAIP nous avons réalisés un travail sur l’Analyse en Composantes Principales (ACP). Ce travail a été réalisé en collaboration avec Léa Cavaree et Pierre Ployet étudiants ingénieurs. Nous avions pour but de rédiger un rapport sur le concept de cette technique statistique. Ensuite nous devions donnée un […]


Blockchain in Automotive sector

Blockchain in Automotive sector Esaip and Vector wanted us to provide a scientfic article for blockchain.  We focused our research on IOT and auto for this topic. I made this article in partnership  with Louis Archenoux, Léa Cavaree, Pierre Mathelin and Driss Essayed.  This article is available on the link below: French Version PDF   […]

22 app is a smartphone application that aim revolutioning banking. You can buy/sell and transfer cryptocurrency or FIAT(US Dollar,Euro,Japanese Yen …). You can track cryptocurrency market and compare price chart with USD,EURO,Bitcoin.      This application provides more options. You can use the crypto invest tool made for beginners. You put your investing profile […]


Brave Browser

Basic Attention Token   Brave is a  browser that aim to change the vision of internet and the ads.  The ads are nowadays only seen as annoying. Indeed, they lower user satisfaction of browsing on the internet. Moreover, 99% of the ads are own by Facebook and Google that can sell them.  Brave wants to […]


My 2020 Professional Objective

2020 Goals A little topic to put my professional intentions coming into 2020. Here are my professional objective for 2020: Developing my skills to become a project leader SAP Business One Get my Engineer Diploma  Get an interesting contract with Groupe Roullier I hope to become an engineer this year and finalizing this incredible student […]