Enrolled in Big Data speciality at ESAIP school. I learned a lot on AI and data on the web with Datacamp. I got there three diploma:

  • Python programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist

I’m involved in the system by looking videos of:

  • Siraj Raval for AI news 
  • Adrian Rosebrock for practical project

I worked in Octave to create AI team. We did a proof of concept to let the company and clients look on benefits of Big Data & AI.


I’m fascinated by this technology. I personally think that is a revolution such as internet was. I write a science article about it with the help of my colleagues and school.

My interest is not only theorical but i also use cryptomoney on daily basis. Exchanging money to my friends, buying gift cards and I have my visa card.

I’m also using Brave browser   and looking a lot of news with cryptoast, cryptonaute,journalducoin.

I also recomand you french Youtube channel that talk about it with accuracy:



Actively commited in baseball community. I played in breizh under 18 team, first division of lithuania and Mexico.

I’m also giving time to umpire & coach kids in Rennes.

With the team of Rennes, Redwings, I am enrolled in the direction committee. My aim is to help my club but all french baseball to rise. 

This uncommon sport in France, is open to everyone and everyone can be good with his proper skills. Reactivity, strength, accuracy, speed, intelligence their is space for a lot of different person!


Currently working at Groupe Roullier in ERP team of TIMAC Agro. We are directly implementing ERP SAP Business One to our subsidiary all over the world.

We are building tools in SAP Business One to answer in order to meet our subsidiary company needs.
We create SQL procedure to make Crystal Reports for accounting.

I’m also looking for extension to respond to our customer needs.

Our goal: Easy & simple tools to optimize their time.




I’ve worked with company and by myself on AI. By myself i’ve used Kaggle dataset to train myself and discover the Deep Learning and Machine Learning World.

In Octave I use a model to predict sells according to previous data sales. 



My team and I are working on implementing SAP Business One to our subsidiary for TIMAC Agro International. 

We have a lot of projects to increase the functionnalities. We are also looking on extension to lose less time & money. At the same time we have to respond to the request of our users.


Big Data

Before AI we have a lot of Data to process. That’s were Big Data skills are needed. Process the data make the request lighter & faster.

Data visualization is also something I like to manipulate. It shows the values of the data. You can make your data something very intuitive and clear. It helps to understand what’s going on and help to make your next move