ERP helps company implement your data. ERP are made for accounting and inventory workflows.

You add movements and you can then track it. Important tool for Financial Audit.


Big Data

Let’s organize your data and look at the treasure you have.

Build Data visualization tool to manage in real time and make best decisions. 



Artificial Intelligence

An amazing tool if ethically use. Artificial intelligence can optimize and save us time.

  It help us have an idea on the future. Then you can focus on what really matters: our choices. 



It’s a technology for the storage and transmission of information. It’s transparent, secure and decentralized.

I think this will be the next big revolution of IT.


I’m Guillaume Niay, French IT Engineer. I always look forward to the best opportunity. I always want to improve and be better than I was yesterday.

Yet stay honest & loyal to the people and institution that make you what you are.

Stay humble and do everything to grow and evolve to the best.


I’m a fighter and I hate loosing. When i’m committed in something I am involved at 100%.

I’m quite anxious but I always go through that to reach my goals.

If I haven’t look at the problem i always start as nothing is impossible. Document myself and then take a final decision.

Never take decisions without thinking and analysing the situation.

I am a very quiet person who do not talk much. I’m more of those who observe, analyse and learn. That’s why I put myself in Big Data. This technology suits myself and help me to understand the world. 

You can achieve great things only by thinking positive and work hard in silence.